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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

STELLAR MASS ☉13 : Quantum Leaping Through Time & Space

STELLAR MASS ☉13 : Quantum Leaping Through Time & Space: Quantum Leaping Through Time & Space I haven’t written about this subject in a long time. I just picked up a Science book for the ...

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

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The ROKbodhi123 Gear Shifting Diet? I do it for LIFE~
EPL Barry Dean Masteller CES, PES, CPT, TRX (ROKbodhi123)
If any body has any archived vids of my past performance, feel free to share. I know I pulled all my items off the net a few years ago, now I would like to have some comparatives for my fans and viewers to experience such a profound progression....and a responsible Son of God (I will to bring up those fans who stuck with me, and those who are to come!)
EPL Barry Dean Masteller CES, PES, CPT, TRX (ROKbodhi123)
I am currently stepping back in full throttle to an ultra ripped physique. I pulled every damn picture, which brought me any sexual advances. I was, admittedly tired of being practically accosted by Males and Females alike...I took a long term break. Like many, I gain weight to hide. Only for me, when I over eat, the fat sort of just hangs off my skin, as I have been training for so damn long, that I don not gain fat, in the traditional just sort of hangs there (though healthy fats are quite different *See my ROKbodhi educations to be sure). The waist stays small, even when gorging on massive amounts of food, in my desperation. I admittedly did not appreciate my fans, and this has only recently come to light, within me. I needed to see the giving back, but I was also, admittedly exhausted from the constant excited state, that my results would said, I should have been a role model, and not a sap (sorry ass person). When I hit that magical spot, with the Cycle of David, for those who remember, I only needed to maintain. Instead, all the attention caused me to buffer, to pull back, to gain a little fat, in odd areas, such as the waste, lower back, in order to make myself a little bit less appealing. It is difficult to discus, or put into words, how ego driven a Man can become, and how disgusted with himself he can also become, whilst able to put on any damn drape or thing...suddenly it becomes a statement? I should have excepted, gladly, my obvious rise to Fitness Stardom, and can only blame myself, for letting the immense praise I would get moment to moment, day to day.....go to my head. I simply didn't feel worthy, then to feel the void I wanted to be more, not considering that fact that I was already there, that I had already done it, NOW MAINTAIN. The results were all natural. They followed from a profound place of personal conviction and philosophy. Well, be prepared for the BIG UNVEILING, coming your way, in 2016. I have a great Physique package to come out with! The kinks are worked out, the bugs are out of the machine, and stardom is a sphere, that this spinner spins, with ease. Stellar Mass 13, That 13th Son, of God under Heaven~ Check it out people 2016
+EPL Barry Dean Masteller CES, PES, CPT, TRX (ROKbodhi123) Have missed those vids a great deal. They were highly motivational. And yeah the are stimulating! Glad you are finding the "middle ground" and even peace or at least a truce with what is assumed about you vs who you are. I think it gives you an insight into stardom that politicians, preachers, actors, musicians, athletes (like yourself) or any other "celebrity" is confronted with. In the bigger scheme of things adulation, and the BS that comes with it seems like a drug. Drugs can cure or destroy it is in the manner of the use. I hope whatever you do makes you happy for the most part. I for one look forward to your new "adventure". There are not many I have seen that project the kind of mental dominate energy that matches the physical that you do. You have always seemed to be your own man which for some reason few people can project with such intensity. But I digress. To the future !
EPL Barry Dean Masteller CES, PES, CPT, TRX (ROKbodhi123)
+2ezee2011 Very well received =) I have been protein fasting now for well over one month. I am where I used to be, that is, stepping towards (under 12% bf), the fat seems to go rapidly at this point. I do this, the same way as I did 7 years ago. I don't do any weight lifting, just ROKbodhi123 protein gear shifting daily practice and walking, now with a pack on my back. I have people, worldwide, doing the Principle based meditations, and the books, songs could for sure have used my old workout flex vids...BUT THAT IS WHY I DESTROYED THEM. I figured out the mark of excellence, now by doing business with those who possess it, but also based on passed sacrifice or sacrifice of the past. I did. All the things that would have, and could have brought me celebrity, I destroyed, so to re-earn this, with now said EPL Principles, if it is...God willing, working through me. God Bless you, you are a rare one indeed~ Infinitum Secretiore
*with.......... draw......... al................ sym........toms......!!!!!*
EPL Barry Dean Masteller CES, PES, CPT, TRX
Now Nietzsche was one of the first to recognise that the principles of art are inextricably bound up with the laws of life, that an ├Žsthetic dogma may therefore promote or depress all vital force, and that a picture, a symphony, a poem or a statue, is just as capable of being pessimistic, anarchic, Christian or revolutionary, as a philosophy or a science is. To speak of a certain class of music as being compatible with the decline of culture, therefore, was to Nietzsche a perfectly warrantable association of ideas, and that is why, throughout his philosophy, so much stress is laid upon ├Žsthetic considerations.-NIETZSCHE (WAGNER)
Sofia Fatalle
you are HOT as hell!
Merry Christmas handsome
David D
beautiful work, beautiful body!
Miss your updates. Why have the rest when there is the best!! hehehe. Look forward to the next one. Miss the power.
fernando vazquez
hye mr berry, i have similar body type that yours i can get pretty big and put muscle but i put some fat as well, and my question is why is so hard for me to get a clear sixpack i mean last time i did my cutting phase i end at 7% and i was pretty vascular all over my body but my sixpack wasnt clear. thanks
Lathan Mastellar
Hey, brother we have the same last name and same interests I wonder if we are related
Barry... what is going on? Why do I think you are so strange, but I can't stop watching your vids to get me inspired... I am so conflicted.
Mike Emery
You are walking the walk. Best to you.
awesome work
Miss the muscle! Hope everything is square.
A dude do you stack bronkaid and "caff" or do you get ya EPH from canada hit me up later
EPL Barry Dean Masteller CES, PES, CPT, TRX
Nothing can replace Heavy compound lifts for bodybuilding, not pistols, or single arm push ups. BARBELL: Squats, Bench, Rows and Military presses are what the greats like Grimek, Reeves and Sandow needed to do little else
Diego Garcia
big biceps man.. big muscles
Hey, how about another video on the motorcycle? The last one came out great. You don't have to wait for a threatened tsunami this time!
Huge applause and kille flexing. Time to check out your blog. And thanks for the motivation.
David D
great body!
Stephen Richards
Know what you can and want to do in life. Set goals for yourself and work hard to achieve them. Strive to have fun every day. Use your creativity as a means of expressing your feelings. Be sensitive in viewing the world. Develop a sense of confidence. Be honest with yourself and with others. Follow your heart and adhere to your own truths. Know that the more you give the more you will receive. Believe in yourself and your dreams will come true. Cosmic blessings ...
Dan Oz
Top stuff on the sculpt! Keep it up this year man!!
Rich S
Looking amazing bro.. Keep up the fantastic work...
wow,after i viewed ur vids den juz find out how nearly 40 years old man can have that amazing muscular body..rili damn girl oso like u..LOL..anyway,long time din c ur vid,hope to view more latest of u !! And my girl ask u:"did u married oledi?" lol..
* read in 2 days * Thanks for subscribing!! =D
EPL Barry Dean Masteller CES, PES, CPT, TRX
understanding and controlling insulin is at the root of all weight gain and weight loss, understand insulin, you understand yourself
David D
great work, congrats!
Hello! Just Stopping By to Say Hi! Have a great Day, Sub4sub
What song??
Damn, very impressive man. What are you measurents?
Hey barry I am on vacation right now and following my new diet/workout plan you"ve put together for me my wife is amazed at how my tansformation is progressing i myself am thrilled. I had to find a computer to send you something thank you thank you thank you i got the bf calc when i get home i will post a new vid....... good looking out fam .........100
your body is a work of art. perfection not limited.